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At Shell Cove Public School we use a range of feedback strategies. Feedback can be given by teachers and students in the following ways:

  • VF - Verbal feedback
  • PF - Peer feedback
  • SF - Self feedback
  • GF - Group feedback
  • Two Stars and a Wish

At Shell Cove we use two stars and a wish to give effective feedback. The person or group giving the feedback must identify two things the student has done well (stars) and one specific suggestion for improvement (wish).  This form of feedback has been particularly useful for writing.

Before implementing this strategy, students must be trained and understand the process of providing appropriate and effective feedback to their peers. Teachers can use this as formative assessment by walking around the classroom and listening to the conversations that are occurring between students.

Exit slips

Exit slips are being used at Shell Cove so that teachers can quickly assess the students current levels of understanding. At the end of a lesson the teacher poses a question to the students and they write it on the 'exit slip' and stick it to the door as they exit the room. Teachers review the exit slips and alter their instruction to better meet the needs of the students. Questions can include:

  •  Write one thing you learnt today.
  •  Discuss how today's lesson could be used in the real world.
  •  I don't understand ........
  •  Write one question you have about today's lesson.
  •  I would like to learn more about ........
  •  The thing that suprised me most today ........
  •  The most important thing I learnt today is ........